type: tool · language: elixir · role: maintainer

ElixirLS is a Elixir Language Server and I am one of the core maintainers. I contribute to it because I want to help the Elixir programming language to succeed and I think that dev tools are one important piece of language adoption and they have the capability to greatly improve the quality of life of developers.

LSP Proxy
type: tool · language: elixir· role: creator

A generic proxy for Language Server Protocol servers that records and visualizes the many messages flowing through.

type: tool · language: javascript + elixir · role: creator

a visual tool to understand Elixir recompilation

Scenic Asteroids
type: experiment · language: elixir · role: creator

Scenic Asteroids is an Asteroids clone written in Elixir using the Scenic graphical library. It started as a simple playground, and eventually grew into a working multi-player game.

type: website · language: javascript · role: co-developer

The StriveHI Dashboard uses d3.js to provide a meaningful way for the public to engage with data on Hawaii Public Schools.

Hawaii Campaign Spending
type: visualization · language: coffeescript · role: creator

Hawaii Campaign Spending is a d3.js-based visualization of Hawaii Campaign Spending data.

type: tool · role: maintainer

I help maintain the exsync library that automatically reloads user’s code in development.

Hawaii Power Ballot
type: tool · language: Javascript · role: co-developer

The Hawaii Power Ballot was a tool to help voters get more information about their candidates for Hawaii elections in 2016 and 2018.